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Golden Keywords, what are they?

Golden Keywords are the search terms typed in by your customers (note not visitors) when using a search engine to find your web site.

The fundamental difference between golden keywords and a standard Keyword search phrase that normal web site stats packages report on are that keyword search phrases deliver visitors to your web site, where as Golden Keywords deliver customers. Using the Galleon Systems Web site as an example the web sites statistics package provided by the hosting company tell you that the most important keyword search phrase is “Correct Time” which delivered 791 visitors during the month of September 2002, but when we look in detail at the search term using Keyword-Analysis.com although “correct time” delivered 791 unique visitors of the 791 how many actually got to the contact page to enquire about the products that Galleon Systems sell, before you read on estimate how many prospective customers were amongst that 791, do you have a number in your head, well even though the keyword search term “correct time” delivered more visitors that any other term only one of them reached the contact page, (This visitor found the site using the Looksmart search engine, looked at more than 6 pages and lived in the UK) but as a business driver “correct time” is a waste of time. The important search terms are the ones that deliver customer, because of commercial confidence I can not tell you what the golden keywords are for Galleon Systems but what I can tell you is the during September 2002 there were 8237 visitors to Galleon web site and they used 2815 different Keyword search terms, when these were analysed there were 104 golden search terms that delivered 142 sales prospect enquiries.

You may be surprised at how high the number of unique search terms are, because 2815 unique search terms is more than most reporting packages would allow you to see or analyse. It is the ability to use powerful database analysis tools that makes Keyword-Analysis.com such a essential business tool.

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