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Web site ranking software

The analysis tool that tells you what your web site ranking is, in the search engine friendly way.

With our Web site ranking software you can identify the page ranking of every search term used by a visitor that reaches your website. To view sample reports from our Web site ranking software click here .

The Keyword-Analysis Web site ranking software is available for only 14 cents a day and our Web site ranking software shows you the search engine page ranking of the search terms people are actually using to reach your site, but an even more important feature of our web site ranking software is that it will identify the search terms that deliver customers who buy products, see the two example reports below.

Sample report of search terms used by visitors to reach a web site.

Sample report of search terms used by customers to reach a web site.

What you need to know is the web site ranking of the search terms the visitors who become customer use to find your web site.

ORDER NOW and start to identify the really important search terms for your web site

User friendly to Search Engines?

The Keyword-Analysis© web site ranking software is user friendly to the search engines it adds no overhead to the search engines and simply extracts the information on your web site page ranking when a search engine delivers a visitor to your site.

Ask yourself this question “Is it worth 14 cents a day to know where my web site ranks in GOOGLE, YAHOO and MSN” If the answer is Yes then ORDER NOW. Still not sure view the sample reports. If at any time during the first 30 days you don’t think its worth 14 cents a day we will refund you 100% and close your account.
“ I use Keyword analysis page ranking for my own and my customers websites, quote from Sash”

Only 14 cents a day. Why is it so cheap?

We allow you to use Keyword-Analysis© web site ranking software at a subsidized price because if you think that the web site ranking software is good you will love the full set of reports and in the fullness of time will upgrade to the complete Keyword-Analysis system. This is why our “web-sit-ranking” software is so cheap. See full list of reports from Keyword-analysis.com
Order your copy of The Keyword-Analysis© web site ranking software now at only 14 cents a day its great value for money, check out the sample report, try the drill down and the ability to identify the search terms that delivers customers it is fantastic. You know you need this information that’s why you’re reading this page so try it now before your competitors start optimizing for the search terms that deliver customers.

Web site ranking of Keyword search phrases

With our Web-site-ranking software every visitor to the website from a search engine will be analyzed. The page that your website was ranked on the search engine will be recorded revealing how important being on page one of a search engine listing is to you. More importantly this report will identify keyword search terms that deliver visitors but are ranked on page 2, 3 or lower. This information tells you which search phrases to concentrate your search engine optimization on. It is amazing how many different keyword search phrases people use; one site regularly has over 3,000 unique page one ranked keyword searched phrases every month. Sample report of search engine page ranking, click on a keyword search term to view search engines delivering visitors and the page ranking of each search term.

Don’t spend your online marketing budget on a web designers best guess, improve your website search engine position based on real data using Keyword-Analysis.com

Easy to use

It is an online server based (ASP) solution which means that Keyword-Analysis requires
• No up front investment.
• No Hardware to purchase.
• Minimum IT required to run and administer it.
• It's easy to use and get results from
• View reports from any browser


Any questions please contact us

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