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Internet marketing as a Sales Tool

Do you want to

1. Reduce the amount of money you spend on marketing by half?

Yes / No

2. Increase the value of sales revenue from your web site?

Yes / No

3. Open new markets that you never reached before?

Yes / No

4. Increase the number of customers that visit your web site? (Note customers not visitors).

Yes / No

5. Monitor how successful your web site is so you can ensure you are getting value for money?

Yes / No

Proof that Keyword-Analysis can deliver on the five questions above

1. Using the techniques, reports and analysis tools in Keyword-Analysis Galleon Systems Ltd has reduced its marketing spend in 2002 to only 42% of what it was spending in 1998.

2. In 2002 PC-Guard a small UK company received an order from a company in Florida for $51,823. This is from a company they never met and who found PC-Guard after searching on Google. Without the tools in Keyword-Analysis to identify and optimise the search terms that potential customers use PC-Guard would not have been on page one of Google and not been found by the customer. Search on Google for “Computer Enclosure” click on the first web site and you can view the PC-Guard site, it’s a real working site delivering customers.

3. Keyword-Analysis.com allows you to see which country visitors to your site are coming from and also the different Keyword Search Terms that are used in the UK, Europe and the US. With Keyword-Analysis.com you know which keyword search phrases are being used by potential customers in your target market. You target your sales message to the market you choose, take luck out of Internet Marketing, and put yourself back in control.

4. Lots of visitors to your site may be good for your ego but its customers you need, tweaking an old saying “Visitors (Turnover) for Vanity but Customers (Profits) for Sanity” One of the major benefits of Keyword-Analysis.com is that you can identify the Keyword Search Phrase a person entered at a search engine to reach your target page i.e. the page that sells your products, this may be you contact page or your e-commerce page. For a detailed explanation see the Golden Keywords data sheet.

5. If you are a small company like Galleon Systems Ltd then chances are that you will use a specialist Web design company to create your web sites, but just because you do not code your web site you should be able to measure its success and identify how and where to improve it. There is a very true statement that Bank Managers use, “If you can,t measure it you can’t control it”, with Keyword-Analysis.com you are put back in control of your web site. The Internet is a great opportunity for small companies, it allows them to target their niche market and compete with any company on the planet and with Keyword-Analysis.com.

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