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Search Engine Ranking

If you want to improve your search engine ranking you need to know what your search engine ranking is and using Keyword-Analysis.com allows you to track automatically the search engine ranking of every search term that delivers a visitor to your site.

Keyword-Analysis.com has the capabilities to Track, Measure, Diagnose and Suggest actions to improve the number of customers reaching your site and identify the search engine ranking of your website.

Search engine ranking of Keyword search phrases

With Keyword-Analysis every visitor to the website from a search engine will be analysed. The page that your website was ranked on the search engine will be recorded revealing how important being on page one of a search engine listing is to you. More importantly this report will identify keyword search terms that deliver visitors but are ranked on page 2, 3 or lower. This information tells you which search phrases to concentrate your search engine optimisation on. It is amazing how many different keyword search phrases people use, one site regularly has over 3,000 unique page one ranked keyword searched phrases every month. Sample report of search engine page ranking, click on a keyword search term to view search engines delivering visitors and the page ranking of each search term.

Over 50 configurable reports

Over 50 reports focused at identifying where to apply your search engine optimisation efforts to improve the performance of your website. See list of reports

Keyword Suggestion Tool

The keyword suggestion tool analyses all visitors to your website over a time period of three months and identifies the keyword search phrases that deliver customers/prospects and assigns each a KAT-ratio, the higher the KAT-ratio the more important the keyword search phrase is in delivering customers, so these are the keyword search terms that if you improve their page ranking in the search engines will deliver more customers to your web site. This is very important because search engine optimisation is time consuming and expensive so you only want to target keyword search phrases that you know deliver customers. Sample report

Free website tools and reports

Free reports from Keyword-Analysis.com are free for ever, sign up for these reports, use them month after month and never pay a penny, our hope is that you will find the FREE reports useful and realise how much more successful your website could be if you had the full set of analysis tools provided by Keyword-Analysis.com click for Sample reports or Sign up for FREE reports

Don’t spend your online marketing budget on a web designers best guess, improve your website search engine position based on real data using Keyword-Analysis.com

Online tools to track and monitor how successful your Pay Per Click campaigns are.

Easy to use

It is a online server based (ASP) solution which means that Keyword-Analysis requires
• No up front investment.
• No Hardware to purchase.
• Minimum IT required to run and administer it .
• It's easy to use and get results from
• View all Sample reports

Drill down into reports

From the main reports you can drill down into the data to identify the important elements from the mass of data, this allows you to understand how visitors are finding your website and what elements are working for you. Click on search terms in Sample report to see how this work.

Monthly management reports

The monthly management report is similar to a company P&L or Balance sheet it provides a summary of how successful your website has been over the last month in attracting visitors and converting these visitors into prospects and customers. Sample report

Alarm Emails

Alarm email are sent out when one of the primary keyword search phrases for your website either drop down a page in the search engine listings or hopefully improves its page ranking. Sample alarm email report

Email Enhancer

When you get a e-mail request for information on your products from your web site wouldn't’t it be useful to know how this prospect found your web site, the number of pages he has looked at, the country he is from and which search engine delivered this prospective customer to you? All this and more is available using the Keyword-Analysis Email Enhancer Sample enhanced Email data

Closed loop monitoring of customer metrics

Its no use having a website unless it works for you and most B2B websites don’t monitor the huge benefit and quality sales leads that a good SEO (Search Engine Optimised) website delivers. Keyword-Analysis allows you to measure and thus control your website. Sample report of visitors that reached a B2B web sites contact page.

How to identify which visitors become customers.

By tracking visitors to your Target Pages and being able to link this to the search engine that delivers the visitor, the keywords used, the page ranking of the keyword search phrase, and the country the visitor is from, you can identify who become customers and target this group to sell more products to them. Sample report. Customers can be identified and targeted to increase sales.

Keyword search tools

It is interesting to know which keyword deliver visitors but wouldn't’t it be more useful knowing which keywords deliver customers.
Sample report showing visitors by search phrase
Sample report showing CUSTOMERS by search phrase

Search Engine tracking tools

It is interesting to know which search engines deliver visitors but wouldn’t it be more useful knowing which search engines delivers customers. In the sample reports below only 12 people reached the contact page out of 373 visitors.
Sample report showing visitors by search engine
Sample report showing CUSTOMERS by search engine

Country Analysis

Do you really know which countries visitors come from? At Keyword-Analysis we are passionate about delivering the truth concerning your visitors and customers so to identify the country that a visitor comes from we read their computers operating system, the time zone of their computers clock, the keyboard and the language they are using to ensure that when we say a visitor is from Poland he is. Sample report

Filter your data using 7 filtering options.

You can drill down for up to three levels into the data and apply filters on the following parameters, Country, Target Page Group, Keyword, number of pages viewed, Search Engine, Entry page, Exit page and Pay Per Click search engine. Click on the data in the sample report to drill down into the results.

Pay Per Click monitoring

Using Keyword-Analysis allows you to use any page on your website as a landing page for your PPC advert and still identify, which PPC provider delivered the visitor and which portal partner the visitor used to search on. Sample report

Pay per click reports

There are focused reports for Overture, Overture portal partners, Google Adwords, E-Spotting and more so you can see which search engine portal delivers the best customers and which pay per click provider delivers a return on investment. See list of reports

Free reports for Pay per click

Pay Per Click achieves between 1% and 6% click through, but the natural search engines on a well optimised website deliver 86% of customers, based on this premise we allow you to use most of the Pay Per Click reports for free, because if pay per click is working for you and you are paying hundreds of dollars or pounds or Euros each month we recognise that if our free PPC reports are useful to you, you will invest the nominal amount per month we charge to obtain website traffic of 15 times the value via the natural free search engines, this is why our pay per click reports are free. See list of reports

Fraud monitoring

Do you think your competitors are clicking on the expensive PPC search terms just to run up your bills; this report was created because a site was loosing over $1,000 a month by competitors clicking on their PPC adds. This report monitors the IP address of all visitors and will identify multiply visitors from the same or a range of IP addresses. Sample report

Are you getting the visitors you are paying for?

When you use Pay Per click campaigns are you sure that you actually receive the visitors that the PPC search provides says it delivers? With Keyword-Analysis.com simply run the report for Overture, Adwords etc at the month end to check. Sample report

Is PPC delivering visitors or customers

Using Keyword-Analysis you can have any page on your web site as a landing page and still track where they came from and if they reached your target page and became a customer. If you know which keywords and PPC adds deliver customers you know where to spend your marketing budget.

The whole objective of Keyword-Analysis is to identify what delivers customers and then use this knowledge to optimise your website to get more customers.

Pop up adds based on Keywords

Keyword-Analysis.com allows you to utilise pop up adds, where you select which pop up add to display based on any of the following
• The keyword the visitor entered
• The country the visitor came from
• Number of pages viewed
• Search engine delivering the visitor.
• View a pop up add.

Try pop up pages - 30 day free trial.

Any questions please contact us

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