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Target Pages - What are they?

Target pages are the pages that you want visitors to reach, they are the staging points towards a visitor becoming a customer.

Target Pages may be your e-commerce pages, your contact page, or signing up for a newsletter. When a visitor reaches one of these Target Pages they move along the sales cycle from Visitor to Prospect on their way to becoming a Customer.

The objective is to be able to track which Keyword Search Phrases and Search Engines deliver visitors who reach your Target Pages. From our analysis of successful commercial web sites often the Keyword Search Phrase that delivers the most visitors are not the Keyword Search Phrase that delivers the most customers and tweaking an old saying “Visitors (Turnover) for Vanity but Customers (Profits) for Sanity” One of the major benefits of Keyword-Analysis.com is the ability to identify the Keyword Search Phrase a person entered at a search engine to reach your target page i.e. the page that sells your products, we refer to these as you Golden Keywords.

As a universal Target Page the contact page of your web site is the perfect yard stick because every site has a contact page and visitors only ever visit it if they are interested in what you are selling. When you sign up for Keyword-Anlalysis.com we will ask you for your contact page URL this is because it enables us to automatically identify for you the Golden Keywords that visitors who become customers use and can with other analysis using our Keyword Suggestion Tool, send you an e-mail with a list of Keyword Search Phrases that you should develop to increase the number of quality visitors that convert to paying customers.

Internet marketing is rifle marketing select your target customers and go just for the customers you want.

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